When someone buys an old building that isn’t a typical design for a house, it may need some work to turn the place into a comfy home. An example might be a small, older two-story building that originally held offices but later was converted to a house or duplex with an attached two-car garage off to the side. The person buying this structure all these years may not like the big useless space over the garage and might like to turn it into a deck, but the existing roof would have to go. This new homeowner might like to see Cardinal Homes for more info about roofing installation in southeastern Wisconsin and to find contact information to consult a roofing professional.

A flat roof over a garage can function as a deck, but it obviously needs a strong support system to hold the weight of people walking around. Flat roofs in this part of the country also must be able to hold a substantial amount of wet snow that can fall in one storm. Even if the homeowner plans to go outside and shovel or blow snow off the roof when the storm ends, all that heavy wet white stuff puts a lot of weight on a flat roof.

Another option, if the deck doesn’t seem feasible or all that desirable, would be to have a pitched roof installed over the garage. If the home has a pitched roof, the design may be more complementary than a flat one. It’s even possible to have a home addition or small apartment built over the garage, although that is a substantial remodeling project. Adding a pitched roof without the addition is significantly more affordable. The homeowner has a lot to consider in regard to what to do with this area above the garage. The pitched roof won’t add any living or recreational space, but it tends to be a more reasonable choice in regions that get a fair amount of snow.

More details on roofing is available at the website cardinal-homes.com/roofing for homeowners in southeastern Wisconsin. A photo gallery with pictures of attached garages provides some ideas for design possibilities.